WordPress security

WordPress Security Benefits

The hidden benefits of WordPress security

Stop hackers and improve performance

Why is WordPress security so important?

Firstly, let’s quickly dispel one of the biggest myths about hackers.

When we think of a Hacker we tend to think of a coke drinking hooded youth in a darkened room. This is far from the reality of hacking. Most hacking, especially with WordPress, is entirely automated. Automated scripts, Robots or Crawlers, trawl the net seeking out vulnerabilities and then exploiting them.

With WordPress now powering almost 30% of the World’s websites it the prime candidate. If you know how WordPress works and all the default setting you can exploit it.

A hacked WordPress site can cause serious damage to your business revenue and reputation. Hackers can steal user information, passwords, install malicious software, and can even distribute malware to your users. Most worryingly you may never know that they are there, silently stealing your data or choking your site.

As a worse case scenario, you may find yourself paying ransomware to hackers just to regain access to your website.

WordPress security and GDPR

In the same way that it is the business owners responsibility to protect their physical building, office, shop or factory, if you own a website it is your responsibility to protect your business website.

The new GDPR compliance rules will put even more emphasis on protecting your website.

Did you know…

A secure website will rank better with Google? Google uses security as an indicator of quality for SEO. Secure website can also bring performance improvements.

Your customers will expect you to look after their data. Show them that you have everything in place and that you care about their data. This will instill confidence in your website and in turn your company.

How do I know if I need better security?

The most basic low-security test is to check of your login is /wp-admin – it probably is. If this is the case it will tell you that your developer will likely have paid less attention to your security than they should.

Website security is a real issue.

See how the word’s top 100 websites fair in a security analysis.

What do I get?

Security improvement – GUARANTEED
SSL certificate: 128 bit data encryption
Hide WordPress from common routes of attack
Hide Theme, Plugins, User IDs from public view
Secure content directories to prevent anauthorised access
Web Application Firewall
Malware scanning
Brute Force Protection
Cross Scripting and Hijack protection

How much does it cost?

Every website has different needs, so there is no set price. The starting point is to undertake a security and performance review of your website and make recommendations based on my findings. The cost for a review is just £145 which can then off-set against any future works. Alternatively, you are most welcome to take the information to your current developer.

When do I get it?

All orders will be completed within 5 working days

What do you need from me?

Full administration access to your WordPress website
SFTP, FTP or Cpanel (File manager) access